c. Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor

**Dosage should be individualized according to the therapeutic needs and response of the patient**

BrandGenericFormStrengthDosing Max doseDuration Peak EffectNotes/Medication guideTier Sooner CareTier BCBSTier TriCare
StratteraAtomoxetine Capsules 10, 18, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100 mg <70K. 0.5 mg/kg, ↑q3d to 1.2 mg/kg, single or divided am/pm doses;
>70k: 40mg/d, ↑q3d to 80 mg/d single or divided am/pm doses; ↑ to 100 mg after 2-4 wks
<70K: whichever < 1.4mg/kg or 100mg;

>70K: 100mg
8-12 hrs1-2 hrs High fat food decrease Cmax by 9% in children, delay peak time by 3 h in adults.
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